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FAO League Administrators: Please check that your Scoring Rule Templates are up to date and showing the correct league rules before the start of the season. If you are unsure how to do this please click here.
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We are pleased to announce the latest updates to our phone and tablet scoring software, Play-Cricket Scorer and also Play-Cricket Live, our live scores app.
This includes some major changes to make scoring easier, such as our new auto-correct feature on editing of previous balls through entire innings.
For further important information and release notes, please click here 
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2017 Award Winners




Captain/Manager’s Award

1st XI

Andrew Jones

Tom Kidd

Tom Kidd

Ben O'Hara

2nd XI

Mitchell Leybourne

Andrew Fox

Jack Sarjeant

3rd XI

Ilyas Chattha

Fouad Chaudhry

Chris Smith

Sam Hallows

Chris Wood

Midweek XI

Tom Kidd

Jamie O'Hara

Bradley Curtis

Sunday XI

Liam Windridge

Minesh Patel


Under 10

Marcus Panther

Bilal Chaudhry

Ethan Hale

Under 11


Hitesh Muthyala

Marcus Panther

Bilal Chaudhry

Under 16

Ryan Johns

Jack Sarjeant

Ryan Johns


Tom Bradford Shield

Chris Armstrong Trophy

Bob Combellack Shield


Liam Windridge

Jamie O'Hara



Vivin Shah

Tarandeep Toor

Jessica Crawley


Ryan Leybourne

Jack Saunders

Mya Graham


Ben O'Hara

William Hawker

Ria Fackrell


Stuart Hormantschuk

Luke Stuart & Rory Watson

Kirby Harris


Vijay Patel

Ibraheen Shahzad

Beth Ellis


Jason Fox

Spencer Smith

Katie Fisher


Mitch Leybourne

Hitesh Muthyala
Honor Beesley
Jamie O'Hara
Marcus Panther

Trophy Winners (2009 - present)

Tom Bradford Shield pre-2009 

1984  Mike Harrott  1985  Colin Woodhead 1986  Craig Pargetter 1987  Francis Tennyson 1988  Ian Harrison
1989  Neil Charley 1990  Nick McMahon 1991  Stuart Hopkins 1992  Chris Gardiner 1993  Craig Thompson
1994  Matthew Goode 1995  Chris Brownlie 1996  John Adams 1997  Chris Jones 1998  Tim Mycock
1999  Michael Hughes 2000  Javed Sheikh 2001  Dave Parsons 2002  Andrew Jones 2003  David Hunt
2004  Rob Jones 2005  Paul Wilkes 2006  Thomas Alcock 2007  Minesh Patel 2008  Jamie Phillips

Chris Armstrong Trophy pre-2009 

2001 Alex Phillips 2002 Alex Phillips 2003  William Smith 2004  Connor Townsend
2005 James Formstone 2006 Sam Proctor 2007 James Searle 2008 Ben Ellis